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Mastitis Diagnostic Laboratory 1/23/2020  
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Quarter Milk Sample bacteriological analysis

  • To the Genus level
    Milk samples are examined following procedures described in the "Laboratory Handbook on Bovine Mastitis" published by the National Mastitis Council.

  • To the Species level
    Isolates identified to the genus level are further identified to the species level using the appropriate API kit from bioMe´rieux Inc.

Antibiotic susceptibility profiles

  • Only for those drugs approved for use in lactating dairy cattle.
  • Only performed on those isolates identified to the species level, when specifically requested.
  • Analysis is done using the Mastitis Panel from TREK Diagnostic Systems.
  • MIC Breakpoints

Bulk Tank Milk Analysis

The standard analysis includes:

  • Standard Plate Count (SPC) - to determine the number of viable aerobic bacteria present in 1 ml of raw milk.
  • Somatic Cell Count (SCC) - to determine the number of cells, predominately white blood cells or leukocytes in 1 ml of milk.
  • Preliminary Incubation Count (PIC) - to determine the number of cold-loving bacteria present in bulk tank milk by holding the milk for 18 hours at 12.8oC
  • Laboratory Pasteurization Count (LPC) - to determine the number of bacteria that can survive laboratory pasteurization at 62.8oC for 30 minutes.
  • Coliform Count – to determine the number of coliform bacteria present in 1 ml of raw milk.
  • Staphylococcus Count - to determine the number of Staphylococci present in 1 ml of raw milk.
  • Streptococcus Count - to determine the number of Streptococci present in 1 ml of raw milk.

Bulk Tank Milk Testing Options:

  1. Basic Screening (SPC and SCC)
  2. Complete Screening (SPC, SCC, LPC, PIC)
  3. Expanded Screening ( SPC, SCC, PIC, LPC, Staphylococcus Count, Streptococcus Count, and Coliform Count)

Mycoplasma Culture

Analyzing either bulk tank milk samples or quarter samples for the presence of Mycoplasma species. This can take as long as 3 weeks. Samples for mycoplasma should NOT be frozen!

Molecular ID

The rapid identification of E.coli, S.aureus, S.agalactiae and S.uberis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


PFGE stands for Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis – a molecular technique used in epidemiological studies to determine similarities / differences between samples.

Product Testing

In vitro and in vivo testing of products for the control and prevention of mastitis in dairy cows. Inquire for additional information.

Services offered are flexible to meet the changing needs of the dairy producer. Please contact TQML for current testing and pricing information.