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Tennessee Quality Milk Laboratory
Disclaimer Statement

Prices listed on the website are current but they may change with out notice.

All specimens submitted to Tennessee Quality Milk Laboratory (TQML) become property of TQML unless other arrangements are made prior to submission.

TQML will make reasonable efforts to report results to you as requested on the submission forms with current information, however, we are not responsible for failed faxes, undelivered mail, unreceived email or missed phone calls. All results will be faxed or emailed with an invoice and final copy mailed to the responsible party. Those parties without faxes or email addresses will have results mailed.

It is the responsibility of the client to notify TQML of the correct and current mailing/billing address, phone number, fax number and/or email address.

Links to commercial sites are provided for information and convenience. The inclusion of sites does not imply University of Tennessee approval for their product(s) or services(s) to the exclusion of others that may be similar.

The staff of the Tennessee Quality Milk Laboratory (TQML) are NOT veterinarians and CANNOT prescribe any antibiotic treatment. The analysis data is meant to be shared with the producer and herd health professionals to determine a course of action.